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Carlos Salguero

1-on-1 VIP Half Day

1-on-1 VIP Half Day

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Special Opportunity to Look Inside the Mind of a High-Performance Leader
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    If you desire custom, strategic planning on how to scale your business but can’t afford to travel or dedicate a full 8-hour day, Carlos Salguero offers 1-On-1 VIP Half Days for the right candidates that can also be carried out virtually.

    Early-stage businesses are also welcome, provided that you have a proven model and have demonstrated strong growth potential. Carlos will pinpoint with extreme accuracy where you need to focus so you can experience transformative growth.


    Busy business owners from all over the world book 1-On-1 VIP Half Days with Carlos Salguero to map out either in person or virtually how to best scale their current model – without implosion – and to position themselves for higher fees and higher-end clients, plan their next level of growth, drive a creative "sharp right turn" or birth a whole new brand that matches where they’re really feeling called now, among other objectives.

    The 1-On-1 VIP Half Day’s agenda will be based entirely on YOUR needs.


    You will get:

    4 hours with Carlos Salguero and his undivided attention, answering all your questions about high-ticket offers, scaling your team and operations, and engineering a multi-million dollar payday (virtual option available)

  • Bonus

    One Ticket to Infinite Cashflow Summit

    Rub shoulders with 9-figure entrepreneurs ($5,000 Value)


    This is not for the fence-sitters.

    It’s for busy entrepreneurs who can’t dedicate a full 8-hour day and for serious business owners in the beginning stages that can’t afford the VIP Full Day experience but are still looking for the highest level of laser-focused guidance in a short period of time.

    Carlos’s schedule is extremely busy so he has availability for only a couple VIP Half Days a month, regardless if virtual or in-person.

    So if you’re a new business owner with high aspirations...

    Or a successful one already on track to reach 7, 8, or even 9 figures in revenue per year with your business, the support Carlos Salguero can give you in these 4 hours is unparalleled.

    Not to mention, the 1-On-1 VIP Half Day comes with a bonus ticket to the Infinite Cashflow Summit where you’ll get the chance to build relationships with 9-figure entrepreneurs ($5,000 value).